Radio Personality Jimmy Fink, DJ for 107.1 The Peak

I came to Liz’s class after a recommendation from my doctor to lose some weight. I am 6’1″ and at the start weighed 238 pounds. According to my teenage daughters, I was “morbidly obese,” though I never thought of myself as “fat.” I had knee surgery on October 3rd and started with Liz on November 3rd. After 4 weeks of physical therapy I was ready to begin a new diet and exercise program. Since coming to Liz’s class I have lost 40 pounds and developed a whole new way of eating. What Liz taught me was not a diet, more it was an awareness of what I was eating, how much I ate and how to change that mindset and lose weight at the same time.

During my 20 weeks in Liz’s program, there was never a week that I did not lose weight. The most I ever lost in one week was 3 pounds….the least was a pound. This is the best way to lose weight, slowly and steadily. At the start, my goal (of getting under 200 pounds) seemed so far off, but now it seems like it did not take that long. I now weigh 198 pounds and the biggest changes for me have been getting into a regimen of eating healthy foods on a regular basis and exercising every day. For me the best way to do this was to set up a routine and not deviate from it. I walk 2 miles every day, usually right after I drop my kids off at school. For breakfast I usually have All Bran with fruit, Skim Plus milk and coffee. Lunch is usually grilled chicken and salad with a piece of 40 calorie bread. Dinner is always with the family and usually involves a salad, a meat or fish and vegetables. I avoid large portions of pasta, bread, and rice, but I do eat these items. Liz taught me to never drink calories, so I never have juice, soda or sweet drinks. I drink water, coffee or tea. I have heard that artificially sweetened products (those with Splenda or Aspartame) have a genetic component that makes them taste bad to certain individuals. I am one of those people, and so I never drink diet soda or use any products with artificial sweeteners….they just don’t taste good to me or they leave a bad aftertaste. I have always used sugar, and learned that one teaspoon of sugar only has 16 calories.

During my course with Liz, I have found many opportunities to go astray, or “cheat,” but also know that I am only cheating myself. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the death of a family member, an office holiday party, my birthday, a family vacation and a large Bat Mitzvah celebration all occurred during my course with Liz and yet a week never went by that I did not lose weight. All these issues are discussed on a regular basis in the once a week class.

I also noticed a marked improvement in my overall well being. For example, I used to get heartburn or upset stomach often, to the extent that I would take Zantac on a regular basis. Prior to my course with Liz, there were times when I took it every day, or even more than once a day. Since starting the program, I have never had stomach pain or heartburn and never use Zantac or any gastro-intestinal medication at all. Though I am aware of the calorie count of most things I eat, I do not feel like I am on a diet or restricted eating program. I have gotten used to eating proper foods and if a high calorie delicacy crosses my lips, it is in moderation and must make me feel like it was worth it. I can honestly say that this program has educated me about healthy dieting, not in a losing weight sense, but in a fit and vigorous lifestyle sense. I eat better, I feel better and I look better.

Update on Jimmy’s Success:

I am continuing with everything I learned from you and I think about you and what you did for me often. My current routine still includes walking every day on the track and I also weigh myself every day. My weight bounces around between 192 & 195…..I will never go over 200 again, and when I see weight going up, I take action and revert back to a more stringent diet for a day or two to get back on track. I never drink calories in the form of sweet drinks or juices, only the occasional beer or Martini. Probably the most difficult thing for me to avoid is bread….I do eat it, but in moderation. I think having that breakfast of All Bran with Skim Plus every day is a major factor in starting each day on the right track and it also leaves room for more calories later in the day. Lunch is generally chicken & salad, but yesterday I did have Pizza and a few days ago indulged in an everything bagel…..its OK to do that as long as I monitor my weight every day and take action if I see it creep up significantly (which it has never done). I also never eat sweets (chocolate, cookies, cakes etc.) unless they are great and really worth it….when I want something like that I usually go for the Quaker Chewy Bar….90 calories. My belt holes are at the end of the line, I can’t make them any tighter and I need some new pants. T-shirts & tops that were too tight on me before have been reborn and some are just too big now!

— Jimmy Fink, Radio Personality
DJ – 107.1 The Peak