My Philosophy

I feel that every person involved with something as important as nutritional counseling should have their own personal philosophy. And it must be credible. This is mine.

My program is interactive. It’s not just what I tell you to do. It’s what we decide together as a result of me getting to know who you are, and designing a personalized, individualized program that fits your own personal lifestyle.

No two people may wind up with the same dietary program. Utilizing the latest scientific research, my program offers a realistic approach to making healthier food choices to achieve goals such as weight loss, improved blood glucose control, and reduction of cardiovascular risk factors.

Diets are temporary and boring. Weight loss should be permanent, and exciting to experience, as you watch yourself take control over your life, your health, and your appearance. To achieve permanent weight loss it is essential for you to learn how to make the right food choices. Once you learn these skills, you can utilize them in any situation that is presented to you.

The same philosophy goes for controlling blood glucose. Each person is different in terms of the amount of insulin their body produces, their tolerance to carbohydrates, their activity level, and their medications. For this reason, pre-written diets just don’t work.

Together we can develop an individually tailored program that results in excellent blood glucose control, and includes the foods that you enjoy eating.

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The bottom line for weight loss is calorie reduction. This can be achieved in many different ways. We need to find the way that is most suitable for you. I will teach you how to make sensible substitutions so you do not feel like you are deprived, or on a diet, but yet you will still lose weight.

From busy stay-at-home moms, to traveling business executives, there is an approach for each individual that will help them to succeed, and reach their goals, by utilizing my simple swapping strategy for making better food selections.

A true lifestyle approach to weight management needs to provide you with options that are similar to the choices that you make every day, but with small modifications to help you save calories.

It is important to realize that people don’t respond well to drastic changes in their lifestyles. They may try and adhere to them in the beginning, but eventually they will go back to whatever feels comfortable to them. Working together as a team, we will develop a plan and a strategy for you to lose weight, without turning your lifestyle upside down. We will work together to focus on trouble spots, and will identify small changes to make at each visit, which will most impact your weight loss and your health.

It is also important to address emotional situations that lead to eating, since food can be a powerful drug and is often abused to provide immediate gratification. Choosing food as an emotional band-aid actually adds stress to your life as eating in that way results in weight gain and negative health consequences.

Many people eat for a variety of reasons other than hunger. We will work to identify the situations that cause you to overeat, and I will help you with problem solving, avoiding triggers and changing behaviors.

During our sessions I will provide you with the tools that you need to make educated choices. Tools that you can stick with not only for the time it takes to lose the weight, but for a lifetime of weight management and good health.

Remember, … if your only tool is a hammer, then every problem seems to be a nail!