First and foremost, thank you for the programs you have set up and manage and for the personal encouragement you’ve given when results were disappointing. From the outset your emphasis on calories struck a resonant chord with me. Your approach is, in my opinion, right-on-target for the way to effectively manage weight. The most significant change in these last sessions has been my growing awareness that it’s not ‘dieting or losing weight’ in order to return to ‘normal’ eating but learning how to manage eating as *a way of life.* Yes, after forty years that little light has finally been turned on in my head! In a sense losing weight in the program is not the end but the beginning. I now understand that this approach, and using the knowledge, tools and techniques that you’ve provided, is what I want and will do for the rest of my life.

— Richard S.
Westchester, New York

I am absolutely loving all my new food choices… who knew there could be so many out there that actually taste good? Feeling full and satisfied… scale even seems to be moving so I am positively overjoyed… you are a miracle worker for sure!

— H.G.
Scarsdale, New York

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all that you have done for me. Your tips have basically been my lifestyle for the past 10 weeks. I know that I will run into roadblocks along the way, but you’ve already given me the ammunition to overcome most any weight-related obstacle. I also wanted to thank you for my award, which you can be sure will go to a pair of pants that fit. My doctor has now eliminated one medication and reduced two others. I won’t rest until I am off all meds. My heartfelt thanks for giving me the encouragement to exceed even my wildest weight-loss expectations.

— Art R.
Westchester, New York

Dear Ms. DeRobertis,

I would like to extend my appreciation for your presentation yesterday at Scarsdale Village Hall. The information on nutrition and weight loss was valuable, and more importantly, clear and understandable. The answers to the questions posed by my colleagues were also to-the-point and useful in building a successful weight-loss plan.

— Steven M.
Village of Scarsdale
Scarsdale, New York

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During my 20 weeks in Liz’s program, there was never a week that I did not lose weight…

— Jimmy Fink Radio Personality
DJ, 107.1 The Peak

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I heard about Liz’ 10 week weight loss program through a co-worker and figured I’ve tried everything else, I might as well give it a shot. Throughout the 10 weeks I not only lost a lot of weight and went down several sizes, I also changed my whole thought process on eating and food. I no longer have an “all or nothing” mentality with my food plan, I am able to have good meals and not so good meals and not look back, only forward, and continue on with my weight loss. I have also incorporated an exercise program into my life that makes all the difference. Liz’ program is great and she is such an encouraging leader that I even joined her alumni program for another 10 weeks.

— Stephanie L.
Bronx, New York

Hi Liz, You and all the rest of your team did a fabulous job. I have no way to compare because this is the first time I have tried a weight loss program, but I accomplished what I wanted to and I am very happy and grateful. I learned an awful lot at the meetings and hopefully I will retain most of it. You should be very proud of yourself – you are a great teacher. I can’t imagine anyone else doing as good a job as you did. For sure, no one could be as cute or adorable as you are!!!!!

— Maureen G. Scarsdale
New York

I am so delighted that Dr. Cappucci had your notice in his office. Your classes by far are the best I have ever attended. Since I have been fighting those ten or so extra pounds on and off for so many years I consider myself an expert on whose program is #1 and you deserve the blue ribbon!

— Adrienne Y.

I just had to tell you how amazing the nutrition class is for the CITs. When Emily first heard “nutrition,” she thought, “oh no!” Well, it’s her favorite class in the week. She comes home talking about all the stuff she’s learned – and some of the amazing taste tests they had. Liz has taken what could be a dull topic, put a teen-centric spin on it, and has created something fabulous and worthwhile. Please let her know how great her class is!

— Judy C. JCC Mother Scarsdale
New York

I would like to commend Elizabeth DeRobertis for the tremendous help she gave me as my Dietician. Liz made a big difference in my life and I will always be grateful to her.

When I began to see Liz I weighted about 260 pounds. I felt very sluggish and fatigued and was very concerned about my health. I first saw Liz at the Vanitallie Center at the St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center in the fall of 2001. After several months the program ended and I decided to see her on a one to one basis.

Liz was also very supportive and available even on the weekends. She was also very positive with me. She provided me with very important nutritional information.I gradually reduced my weight to the mid 160’s and I have kept it off for over 4 years. Liz was also very honest with me. When I began to make good progress in reducing my weight she saw me less frequently.

I strongly recommend Liz to anyone who has a weight problem. She is an excellent Dietician who can really provide great help to people. I consider myself very fortunate in meeting and receiving help from Liz.

— Alfred Kahn
New Jersey

I made my first appointment as a non- believer in nutritionists. Over the years I had been in many different weight loss programs and thought this would be the same. After the first visit I became a believer. I enjoyed the one on one sessions. Elizabeth is realistic in her approach, she sets realistic goals for me and made a program built on my life style. Over the past year our sessions have changed my entire outlook on food intake. I have a customized food program that works for me. I have lost over 30 pounds, and feel great. For the first time in my life I feel I have control over what I am eating.

— Ann Marie, Town Comptroller
New York

I always look forward to my visits with Liz. She always encourages me to succeed. I always leave her office with a list of things that I can do differently in terms of food choices or exercise.

— Marcia T.
New York

Liz trained me on both the insulin pump and the continuous blood glucose monitoring system. The training she provided and the knowledge she imparted gave me the confidence to adopt these new technologies quickly and easily. In addition, as a diabetic who engages in intense, long-duration exercise, I found her to be particularly insightful in helping me manage the unique and often complex issues of diet, training, and good blood sugar control. As a result of our work together, my blood sugar control has improved significantly and I am no longer plagued by the glucose highs and lows that used to disrupt my workouts. In sum, working with her has resulted in a dramatic and sustained improvement in my quality of life.

— Mark C.
New York

Without a doubt, Elizabeth has been the most effective health partner I have worked with in the 24 years I have had Type 1 diabetes. The tools to manage diabetes have advanced at a dramatic pace, but the human elements of discipline and control are still a formidable challenge. Elizabeth’s common-sense, practical approach has given me tools and confidence to help me deal with real life situations that help with my discipline and control of my blood glucose. Elizabeth is personable and sincere, and has a unique ability to connect the dots of your life to suggest ways to improve your diabetes care. I am very fortunate to be working with Elizabeth.

— J. Nawrocki
Darien, Connecticut

I was never able to lose weight sensibly and consistently until I worked with Liz DeRobertis. She’s the best nutritionist and weight loss coach I can imagine. When you work with Liz, you learn how to lose weight and how to keep it off. And if you do slip up and have a bad week , she knows how to help you get back on track as soon as possible. So, if you are serious about losing weight, I recommend that you work with Liz. She helped me a lot and she can help you, too.

— Rosanna Hansen
Children’s Book Editor
and Author

On behalf of the Westchester Rockland Dietetic Association, I would like to thank you for your wonderful talk the other day on Diabetes. Your talk was not only educational but delivered in a wonderful manner. You took some very detailed information and broke it down for us to understand to then use with our own patients.

As my Co-president showed you after the meeting, many members took the time to fill out the evaluations and rated your presentation as excellent. Additionally, we had more attendees than we have had at the same meeting in the past.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the members and I hope to see you at future WRDA meetings.

— Valerie Werter-Green, MS, RD
Westchester-Rockland Dietetic Association

On behalf of MasterCard Worldwide we would like to thank you for participating in MasterCard Heart Health Summit: At the Heart of the Matter. The feedback from our employees was phenomenal.

— Carol Taylor
MasterCard Worldwide

Thank you for all your help. You have made the weight loss A LOT easier for me. My weight now is at 142.2# which I am really happy about it. Last May I was 165# on the same scale. I feel great & some friends who I know for 10 years said they never knew me at this weight. I am finally in control. I didn’t need a shrink I needed Liz the nutritionist!!!!!!!!!

— Susan
New York

Since our meeting one month ago to deal with my borderline glucose lab results (and high mercury levels), I have lost 12 lbs. Not only that, but my wife, who attended our consult so she could buy the right food for me, has herself gone down a dress size. She has tried many diets, yet she has succeeded by just cooking for my diet. You should be on Oprah.

— Rob G.
Scarsdale, NY